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I recently bought a server for professional work. The work is over and now the server only hosts my web apps. To contribute to this amazing CP community I decided to host TLE bot. There are many versions of it so I decided to host this one as it supports Coderforces, Codechef, GCJ and Atcoder. It even had remind feature for all platforms. Thanks to all the bot developers(not pinging them). Please give them a star on Github. You can join my discord server to use the bot if you don't have a server. Link To Invite the Bot. Please don't abuse the bot and give it all the perms. I have only selected the required ones(And Not Administrator).

Note: People with Admin role(No Admin Perms Are Ok) can only use the commands reserved for Server Admins and Moderators. Note: If your server has more than 100 active members I can host another dedicated version just for your server

Linking Github Repositories:

UPD: Deploy on Heroku

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