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We are excited to invite you to BNPCHS 2023 Elimination Round (Mirror, Unrated) on Saturday, September 23, 2023, 19:05 UTC+7.

The contest will be 3 hours long and will feature 6 problems. The contest difficulty will be similar to Codeforces Div. 3 Rounds. The order of the problems is different from the original BNPCHS contest.

The problems were written by Owmicron vioalbert siplusplus SunShine11.

Problem components were prepared by Owmicron vioalbert Twits siplusplus SunShine11 ArgoCahaya.

We would also like to thank:

BNPCHS is an annual Competitive Programming competition for high school students held by Binus University. This contest is mirrored from the Elimination Round of BNPCHS 2023, and is open for everyone to join (not limited to high school students).

We have put great effort into preparing this contest, and we truly hope that you will enjoy it. See you in the contest!

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Happy Valentine's Day, Codeforces community!

We are excited to invite you to TOKI Regular Open Contest (TROC) #19!

Key details:

Scoring distribution: 100 — 200 — 350 — 450 — 500 — 600 — 800

We would like to thank:

  • prabowo for the amazing coordination of the round.
  • hocky for helping with problem preparation.
  • AMnu, JvThunder, and Valee for testing the problems and giving invaluable feedback.
  • fushar for the amazing TLX platform.

Please register to the contest, and we hope you will be reminded that you are still alone enjoy TROC #19!

P.S. we encourage you to read all problems! :)

UPD: Contest is over!

Congratulations to our top 5:

  1. tourist
  2. rfpermen
  3. natsugiri
  4. kotatsugame
  5. Nyaan

All problems are first solved by tourist, except problem D which is first solved by kotatsugame. Congratulations to both of them!

You can upsolve the problems here.

Editorial is available in the upsolve link.

Thank you for participating and see you on the next contest!

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