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Hello everyone,

Computer Club, MNNIT Allahabad is glad to invite you to the annual programming competition of MNNIT Allahabad, India, which is an ACM-ICPC style team programming contest of 3 hours duration held on CodeChef during its annual technical fest Avishkar. The team can consist up to 3 members. The problemset promises to be interesting for everyone. The characters in the problem statements are based on Breaking Bad.


Contest Date : 3rd September 2017

Time : 2200 to 0100 IST

Programming Partner : Codechef

Register your teams here->Contest Link

For online round, top two global and top two MNNIT teams will be getting Codechef goodies.

For onsite round, prizes worth Rs. 31000/- to be won. Top Indian teams from the online round will be called for the onsite round to be held at MNNIT Allahabad.

Problem Setters: advitiyabrijesh, facelessman, abhi_1595, tttayushag10004, pparwal12, wittyskull, garuna and abhi1agarwal.

Last year's problemset : Insomnia-2016

Follow our facebook page for further information.

UPD 1: Languages allowed are C,C++,Java and Python (ACM ICPC Styled). Less than 3 days to go.

UPD 2: Contest is postponed by 3 hours as it was clashing with a hackerearth contest. Now it starts on 3rd September 2200 IST.

UPD 3: Contest starts in less than 10 hours.

UPD 4: The contest has ended. Congratulations to the winners.

  1. Team nipteamINVWVZ, SaSa, ITDOI.

  2. Team mutabilityuwi .

  3. Team iitishubhamgoyal__, vntshh.

The ranklist is here. Editorials will be shared in some time. Hope that everyone found the problemset interesting.

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