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By zeulb, 9 years ago, In English

Hi there !

I just recently learned web programming after few years of competitive programming, so I decided to improve my experience by creating a website using Codeforces API

I want to share it with codeforces community, so here it is Codeforces Standings+, it's not really a "+" since there's some missing feature, but I'm running out of ideas what to name it :p

Here's some overview of the extra feature :

  • Filter by Country (put "Global" for all contestant standings and put "Friend" for friend only standings)
  • Expected ranking (Seed) based on your rating (this is not the actual seed, it's just an estimate how you do in the contest)
  • Sort by Country, Handle, Rating, or Hack
  • Highlight first solve for each problem
  • Auto 15 seconds AJAX refresh on ongoing contest

Unfortunately it's a bit slow since I can only send around 300 handles on each user.info request.

Feel free to look at my ultra messy code (Credit to competitive programming :p) at my github and give me some suggestion, critic, or requested feature.

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