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The CROC company and the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation invite the schoolchildren of the 9-11th years of education in Moscow and the Moscow region to take part in a school programming championship. The championship is called Coder-Strike 2014. The championship will be held based on Codeforces.


We aim to support talented high school children, help to form the community of programming enthusiasts, develop future IT professionals. The modern industry offers scientific challenges that cannot be solved without profound knowledge in the field of algorithms and data structures. We want to provide out participants with potential ways of development of with the opportunities that open in front of high qualified professionals.


You can participate if you study at 9-11th school year of one of a high school of Moscow or Moscow region. You should also be over 14 years old at the moment of registration to the championship. In order to become a participant of the championship, you need to register before you take part in the qualifying round at You should submit the participant application form to take part in the championship officially.


Stage Date / Time Participants
Registration March, 15 — April, 15 9-11th form of Moscow or Moscow region high school, who are over 14 at the moment of registration for the championship
Qualification Round April, 15 00:00:00 AM till 11:59:59 PM (24 hours)

You will need to solve at least one problem at any time during the 24-hour period of the round to pass it.
All the participants who registered for the championship
Round 1 April, 18 8:00:00 PM till 9:59:59 PM (2 hours) The participants who solved at least one problem in the qualification
Round 2 April, 20 11:00:00 AM till 12:59:59 PM (2 hours) The top 200 participants of the Round 1
Finals April. 22 (time will be specified later) The top 25 participants of the Round 2

The qualification round will consist of 2-3 easy programming problems, your solutions will be checked during the round. The rounds 1-2 and the finals will be conducted by the traditional Codeforces rules, you can learn more about them by these links:

Championship Finals

The championship finals will take place on April, 22 in the CROC company office on 5, Volochayevskaya street. The finalists will have an excursion along the company office an meet the leading specialists of CROC and the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation. The time of the finals will be specified later.

The award ceremony will be on May, 20-23 on the exhibition by the Ministry of Defense called 'Complex Safety'.



All the participants who make it to the finals get souvenirs from the CROC company and the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation.

Participation Out-of-Competition

All the willing users can participate in the championship out of competition. In this case the application form is not required. The sorting rounds and the finals will be Codeforces rating rounds.

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Announcement of Coder-Strike 2014 - Finals
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