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Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to invite you to the great event — ICPC NERC Challenge powered by Huawei 12 — 20 December 2020.

Join to Challenge

This contest is based on some real problems from Huawei Cloud team. The task is simplified, but still very challenging. You need to find a schedule for a variety of realistic problem instances, where the goal will be minimizing two different cost functions. There is a non-trivial tradeoff, decision you have to make, on how to choose what is best for a particular case. You will be provided with examples that can help you to tackle the problem. A good solution may also require diving deeper into the nature of the problem, and creating some dataset of your own. We believe there are multiple approaches one can try here, and some crossover of the algorithms will also increase your chances to win. Good luck, we hope this will be fun!

The ICPC NERC Cloud Scheduling Challenge powered by Huawei will take place online during the week of December 12-20. This round is unrated for all participants. Everybody is welcome to participate. It is an individual competition. Participants will be divided into two groups: Northern Eurasia Contestants 2020 (all subregions) and all other Participants. If you are a NERC 2020 contestant and you want to take part in ICPC NERC Challenge, link your ICPC account to the Codeforces account here:


The top-scoring participants will also receive great prizes. Huawei will provide prizes to the 12 winners in both groups accordingly:

  • 1-4th place — HUAWEI P40 PRO
  • 5-8th place — HUAWEI MATEPAD PRO LTE
  • 9-12th place — HUAWEI WATCH GT 2E

In this video Andrey Tikhonov, the co-author of Cloud Scheduling Challenge will explain the basics of the task and describe some special cases and examples:

UPD: ICPC NERC Cloud Scheduling Challenge successfully finished! Thanks all for competing. Congratulations to winners with excellent results! In the video below Andrey Tikhonov will explain the problem solution:

Good luck to all participants!

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