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G. Allowed Letters
time limit per test
2 seconds
memory limit per test
256 megabytes
standard input
standard output

Polycarp has just launched his new startup idea. The niche is pretty free and the key vector of development sounds really promising, so he easily found himself some investors ready to sponsor the company. However, he is yet to name the startup!

Actually, Polycarp has already came up with the name but some improvement to it will never hurt. So now he wants to swap letters at some positions in it to obtain the better name. It isn't necessary for letters to be adjacent.

In addition, each of the investors has chosen some index in the name and selected a set of letters that can go there. Indices chosen by different investors are pairwise distinct. If some indices aren't chosen by any investor then any letter can go there.

Finally, Polycarp is sure that the smallest lexicographically name is the best. (Like why do you think Google decided to become Alphabet?)

More formally, you are given a string consisting of lowercase Latin letters from "a" to "f". You can swap letters at any positions arbitrary number of times (zero swaps is also possible).

What is the smallest lexicographically name you can obtain such that the letter at every position is among the allowed letters?

If Polycarp can't produce any valid name then print "Impossible".


The first line is the string $$$s$$$ ($$$1 \le |s| \le 10^5$$$) — the name Polycarp has came up with. The string consists only of lowercase Latin letters from "a" to "f".

The second line contains a single integer $$$m$$$ ($$$0 \le m \le |s|$$$) — the number of investors.

The $$$i$$$-th of the next $$$m$$$ lines contain an integer number $$$pos_i$$$ and a non-empty string of allowed characters for $$$pos_i$$$ ($$$1 \le pos_i \le |s|$$$). Each string contains pairwise distinct letters from "a" to "f". $$$pos_1, pos_2, \dots, pos_m$$$ are pairwise distinct. If any position of the string doesn't appear in the investors demands then any letter can go in this position.


If Polycarp can't produce any valid name then print "Impossible".

Otherwise print the smallest lexicographically name Polycarp can obtain by swapping letters in string $$$s$$$ such that the letter at every position is among the allowed ones.

2 e
1 dc
5 b
7 ef
6 ef
1 cfab
2 f