The fall of the skill?

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Hello to everyone. I write this blog and waste 30 minute of my time instead of just solving another problem.
Recently, I have lose streak about 8 contests. I can't show even my old performance ~1500-1600 rating in CF and ~1200-1300 in Atcoder. My rating drops almost 1200 and maybe even worse. I don't practice hard and always, but I try always to solve difficult problems for me until 2000-2100 rating if I have time. But I don't have progress, vice versa I stuck in easy problems usually waste lot time to solve them or have no normal idea or simply can't implement it. Earlier it seems I solve problems better and idea(for easy problems) come faster and did not notice problems with implementation, it was usually no idea for harder problems. I feel problems also in debugging code, I may not see silly mistake in code. What could be the reason?. Maybe its normally and my skill was as now or now CF problems hard for me. Thanks in advance for every constructive answers.

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