TON Smart Challenge #2

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TON Foundation

Hello, Codeforces!

Take a look on excellent news from TON Foundation about TON Smart Challenge.

Please note that this contest will not take place on Codeforces. It is about smart-contracts, not traditional algorithmic problems. But in the last similar competition, the competitive programmers were among the winners!

I pass the floor to the TON team.

The next edition of the TON Smart Challenge contest for programmers is slated to begin on Aug. 4 with a total prize pool of 16,000 Toncoin.

TON Foundation developers have carefully reviewed and considered feedback from participants of the first TON Smart Challenge and will make quality-of-life improvements for the upcoming second part of the competition.

The TON Smart Challenge #2 is aimed at developers just starting their journey of learning FunC, the primary programming language for The Open Network blockchain, and will comprise five simple tasks, which will be checked automatically.

To participate, you must register by going to this website.

TON Smart Challenge 2 →

You can find more details and news on the competition on the TON Contests Telegram channel.

You can prepare for the competition by studying the documentation section and creating a developer’s environment.

Hurry up, don't miss your chance!


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