One Year of Codeforces!!

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Today is a very special day according to me, because like today a year ago I knew Codeforces; I knew it by coincidence, I was watching a video of someone talking about the Computer Department in our faculty (the department I was interested to enroll in and indeed I have enrolled in it later) and this guy said that you need to practice problem-solving on a website like Codeforces, afterwards I googled it, got to the website and registered on it. I knew nothing back then about online judges and how they work and I still remember my very first submission and how silly I was xD: first I didn't take the input as it is I displayed a message to the judge telling it to give me the input and also I didn't believe the judge when it said w will be between 1 to 100 so I checked that myself in a do-while loop xDxD here is a photo of this submission:

What a year it was! I really gained a lot through it; I entered Codeforces knowing only the basics of programming like for loops, if statements.. and throughout this year I've learned a lot of data structures and algorithms because of Codeforces.

In this year I achieved quite a lot of things that I'm proud of like becoming an expert, solving around 1000 problems and on the above of all of that I had a lot of fun! It is just the beginning I'm really excited to achieve more in the future.


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