Facebook Account Used to Compete in Meta Hacker Cup Has Been Suspended 2 Times

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I have created a facebook account to compete in Meta Hacker Cup (I did not compete in previous editions for some reason). However, it has been suspended 2 times recently. I did not post anything in account and therefore I don't think there is any reason to suspend my account? I even uploaded a picture of my face to facebook when they wanted evidence that the account belongs to an actual person so I don't understand the reason for the second suspension. Also, this is my second facebook account because I did not appeal when my first one got suspended (again, I did not do anything on facebook and also did not see the email that my account got suspended).

Here is screenshot of my email

Is anyone else facing similar issues?

SecondThread is there any way that I can compete without a facebook account? It is really annoying to appeal to these false suspensions.

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