Newton's Coding Challenge September 2022 Invite

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Warm greetings,

Newton School cordially invites you to be a part of our monthly coding contest. The challenge will go live on 28th September 2022 at 9 PM IST.

Registration Link: Newton's Coding Challenge

You will be given 6 problems and 150 minutes to solve them. The contest will be rated for all!

The problems were written and tested by dnshgyl21, _deactivated_, Sawarnik, Xzirium, and _Enigma__.

We would also like to thank pradumangoyal and gkapatia for co-ordinating the contest.

Highlights of contest:

  1. The Prize Money for the top 5 performers are as follows:
    • First Prize: ₹10,000
    • Second Prize: ₹5,000
    • Third Prize: ₹2,500
    • Fourth Prize: ₹1,500
    • Fifth Prize: ₹1,000
  2. ₹100 Amazon gift vouchers to the top 50 participants.
  3. ₹100 Amazon gift vouchers to 50 randomly selected participants ranked between 51-500.

Note: Top 5 participants from other countries can opt to receive the prize money through Paypal. All the other gift vouchers will be sent in INR.

We hope you like the contest! See you all at the leaderboard! :)

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