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ICPC World Finals: Ecnerwala vs Errichto Kotlin Match

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Hello, codeforces.

To unveil the full power of Kotlin and JetBrains tools, as well as their advantages in algorithmic problem-solving, we’ve invited two competitive programming stars to match their skills in solving Kotlin problems on stage at the ICPC World Finals.

Andrew ecnerwala He, one of the top competitive programmers in the world, will compete in a match against Kamil Errichto Debowski, Codeforces "Legendary Grandmaster" and Topcoder "Target." The match will be commentated by none other than Roman elizarov Elizarov, Kotlin Lead Language Designer.

You can join the stream on Kotlin by JetBrains youtube channel at Nov/07/2022 07:17 (Moscow time) and view submissions in the special Codeforces round Ecnerwala vs Errichto Kotlin Match. Only ecnerwala and Errichto can participate in the round, while you will be able to join as spectators.

We will reuse some problems from previous Div3 rounds. We mostly used round #748. And also, one problem was from round #627. A lot of thanks to MikeMirzayanov vovuh and MrPaul_TUser.

Good luck to both participants, and thanks to MikeMirzayanov for the great codeforces platform.

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