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Got sick after training for CP.What to do?

Revision en1, by Valenz, 2022-12-15 05:30:24

So i decided to do a gimme 1500-1900 on discord after failing on an edu round (i hate edu rounds and from now on i swear that i won't join any edu rounds).i was trying to solve this problem.i tried to solve that problem but it took me 9 hours to AC it.At first i was really happy about it and felt fine.Although a few minutes later,i started to feel dizzy and i had a diarrhea.The next day,i had a fever,nausea,and severe diarrhea.I puked twice and could not eat lunch as much as i usually do.I thought that 9 hours training for just 1 day would be fine until i got sick (i saw some stories on IOI camp and they said that they did intense trainings.They were fine during the process)

Does anyone have any tips to help me do CP training without getting sick? (i was planning to quit cp for at least a month but i don't know if that is wise)


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