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Did you achieve your 2022 goals?

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As 2022 is coming to an end , there is no more time to achieve the goals we wanted in it .

So what are the goals you put before 2022 and you achieved , and what goals remain to 2023 to happen ?

For me the goals I didn't manage to achieve and I hope to make them true in 2023:

  • Qualify to IOI 2022 : I was the 5th in the deciding contest and only top 4 go to IOI ): hope i make it to IOI 2023
  • Reach CM: didn't happen but I was near
  • Go to ACPC teens : I couldn't participate in the first round

Goals I managed to achieve :

  • Qualified to IIOT 2022 and got a bronze medal

Looking forward to reading yours !

Anyway , Happy New Year to you all and I hope you achieve all your dreams in 2023!


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