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Hi I am yogomate I post stuipd blogs asking for help if I don't understand a problem. But all people do is ignore it and downvote it personally I don't have any problem with downvoting, it may be because the question I ask in my blog as stupid and you must be getting really annoyed by that, but if you are going to downvote atleast help me with a comment and feel free to downvote to you hearts content I have no problem. But if you are going to downvote without help you have no right to do it. Its not like I forced you to answer. I also know I will still get many downvotes on this but what can i do. Most of my friends don't do CP and in my collage also there is know one who does CP in India this is what you get in tier 3 collages so due to this I post blog cause I have no one to ask.

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