Finally getting a system message for matching solution after 3+ years

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Hello all,

After several years of escaping the CF plagiarism catcher, today I have finally been caught red-handed by the system.

It took a relatively long amount of time and I was wondering when it would happen.

I see a very long list of people on the message, probably not less than 100 people for problem C in today's round 852.

Here is my submission to C open to scrutiny by the CF community.

Now like every other defendant, I would like to plea for not being guilty of copying the solution (indeed I have no proof of such a thing but yeah)

Anyways it was a funny thing to happen so I decided to make the blog.

Your solution 193309665 for the problem 1793C significantly coincides with solutions chuchu/193292752, Alphx/193308147, weakestOsuPlayer_244/193309665, sam2001sahil/193316282, python_0098/193316695, harshmakwana22/193316697, im_into_cp/193317885, TheEliteCoder/193317894, OXYgen_ru/193318528, akshat_017/193319600, Tanay1234/193319916, _i_am_viper/193320720, ayushpratap344/193320868, rvdddddd/193320872, yoloo123/193320880,........

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