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Modular Inverse / Inverse Remainder / Modular Division – A Quick Guide

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I have found these articles, where it's already described:

They are both very good, but I want to write a more concise blog about the modular inverse specifically, as it is needed in many problems that don't even belong to number theory.

The Problem

There are two integer numbers A and B. Suppose you know that A is divisible by B. But they are very big, so you only know their remainders modulo some prime number M: A % M and B % M. You want to know the remainder of their quotient – (A / B) % M. But (A % M) may be not divisible by (B % M). What to do?

Such question is very common in combinatorical problems, for example when counting binomial coefficients, where you need to divide n! by k! and (n - k)!.

The solution

The short answer is you need to calculate B to the power of M - 2 modulo M (using binary exponentiation). The resulting number is called the modular inverse of B. Now you can multiply A by it to effectively divide it by B.

Note: this only works if B % M is not 0 and M is prime.

The implementation

If you don't use #define int int64_t
If you use #define int int64_t

The Proof

This is a well-known formula that relies on Fermat's little theorem and the fact that every non-zero element of the ring of remainders modulo prime number has exactly one multiplicative inverse. If you want to know more, you can read the aforementioned articles.

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