The Unofficial Mirror Contest of 19th Thailand Olympaid in Informatics

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I'm very happy to announce that, with the permission by the Scientific Sub-Committee of TOI19@NU, an unofficial mirror for the TOI will be hosted this May/27/2023 11:05 (Moscow time) and May/28/2023 11:05 (Moscow time), accessible at The Unofficial Mirror Contest of 19th Thailand Olympiad in Informatics Day 1 and The Unofficial Mirror Contest of 19th Thailand Olympiad in Informatics Day 2, respectively.

The tasks will be given in Thai and English. The scoring rule will be the IOI-style scoring (i.e., with subtasks in each of the problems). In each of the contests, you will be given 3 tasks and 4 hours to solve them.

Note that the problems will probably be easier than the IOI, as the contest is intended as a regional selection rather than a national selection.

Finally, I would like to thank the Scientific Sub-Committee of TOI 19 for the permission to reuse the problems and test data here, and also thank MikeMirzayanov for Codeforces and Polygon. A feedback form will be provided after the end of the contests.

I hope to see you all soon and thank you for joining the mirror contest!

Update 1: To be clear: For the official contestants (and anyone who knows the tasks already), please don't participate in this contest directly. You can upsolve the problems after the contest.

Update 2: The English statements (translated) are given as default, in the normal HTML format. To access the Thai statements, one should download the attachments given in the contest (in PDF).

Update 3: It is reported that the feedback was incomplete. This will be fixed in the second day, sorry for the issue.

Also, I'd like to give an extra acknowledgement here: I thank M-W and TangentOfA for the translation of the tasks and general help on the contest organization.

Update 3': For some reasons this isn't updating, so I need to edit it again.


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