2023 KSAAC Summer · solved.ac Arena #4 Announcement

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Hi, I am Konijntje, staff of solved.ac.

We will hold 2023 KSA Automata Summer Contest · Arena #4. The problems are prepared by Automata, algorithmic problem solving research group of Korea Science Academy of KAIST.

  • Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20230818T1930&p1=235&ah=4&am=30 270 minutes
  • No. of Problems: 10, 100 points each = 1000 points total
  • The questions are sorted in order of difficulty expected by the jury.
  • Statements are available in both English and Korean.
  • Every problem has partial points.
  • The scoreboard will freeze 60 minutes before the contest ends.
  • There are bonus time/memory limits for some languages. Check here for details.
  • Editorial will be posted after the contest ends.

Please refer to the following guide for registering in the Arena contest:

This contest is a solved.ac Arena contest. The following terms apply to an Arena contest.

  • Your performance in the Arena will change your arena rating if you register on the solved.ac Arena page.
  • Registrations are open until 5 minutes before the contest starts. You can cancel registration anytime before the contest begins.
  • You can participate in the Arena without registering. In this case, your rating will not change.
  • Please note that your rating will change even if you don't make a submission in the arena if you're registered.

Participants ranked 1st through 31st will receive a mobile voucher that can be used in Korea.

However, 8 special prizes with hidden conditions are prepared. Also, among the participants registered in the Arena, 3 randomly selected participants will receive a metal badge commemorating their participation in the Arena as a small souvenir. We deliver them internationally!

Participants get a solved.ac badge if they score 100 points or more, and a solved.ac background if they score 202.3 points or more.

Problems have been prepared by: flakepowders, juneekim7, mickeyjung, and zamong_juice.

We would like to thank everyone that makes this contest possible:

We look forward to your participation. Thank you!

UPD: Editorial


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