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Congratulations to Chinese Team(Rebelz, cnnfls_csy, Laurie and He_Ren), USA Team(rainboy, PurpleCrayon, GusterGoose27 and EmeraldBlock), Russian Team(bashkort, valerikk, stepanov.aa and Qwerty1232) and Japan Team(blackyuki, Shogo Amacho, Daiki Kodama and Hibiki Nishiwaki) for getting 4 golds for their countries!

Also congrats to blackyuki for submission at the very last second gaining +29 points, and to He_Ren for a fabulous comeback on Day 2.

This year's contest is full of excitement, not only for the contestants but also for spectators like me watching the Top 2 battling for points on D2C, Yuki's 'extraordinary second half', and all other contestants' hard work. Congratulations to them all.

And now it's time to wait and see who will be chosen to participate in the next IOI. Good luck to my friends and everyone in the selection!

(Sorry but I cannot find the CF accounts for all Japanese Team members, and also I'm assuming there are 30 golds, if not you can tell me in the comments)


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