Creating Your Own Codeforces Group

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Creating Your Own Codeforces Group

Do you want to start your own group on Codeforces? Whether you plan to organize coding contests, collaborate with friends, or practice together, it's simple. Follow these steps, with images for reference:

Step 1: Visit Codeforces Groups

Go to Codeforces homepage and click "Groups."

Step 2: Create Your Group

On the Groups page, click Create Group.

Step 3: Name and Configure

Pick a name and set group preferences. Then, click "Create."

Congratulations! Your group is ready. Now, let's add contests.

Adding Contests

Step 4: Access the Gym

Visit "GYM" on the Codeforces homepage.

Step 5: Create a Contest

Scroll down in the Gym and choose Create Mashup Contest.

Step 6: Set Up the Contest

Name it, select duration, and add problems by their codes. Click "Create Mashup Contest."

Step 7: Copy Contest ID

Copy the contest ID from the contest details.

Step 8: Add Contest to Group

Go back to your group, click "Add Contest to Group," paste the contest ID, and click "Add."

Your group now has its own contest. Enjoy practicing and collaborating with your group members.

Quick Access to Your Groups

To revisit your groups:

  1. Go to your profile.

  2. Click groups for all your groups.

  3. Or, click "ProblemSetting" for your contests.

Now you know how to create and manage a Codeforces group easily. Start building your coding community and improving your skills with your group!

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