Same code: but C++ 17 gave a TLE, while received accepted verdict using C++ 20.

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Hi guys, so here's the thing:

I was so frustrated while submitting a solution to this problem : D. Reality Show, and constantly receiving a TLE verdict. I was pretty sure that the time complexity of my code was acceptable, so I decided to read the code from another. It turns out, my solution resembles their code, and after being confused for a while, I realized that they submitted it in C++ 20. After changing the language, my previous TLE code was accepted. I'm really confused right now; it's like there are some magic in C++ 20 or something.

Here is my submission:

225519286 (here's the C++ 17) 225519370 (here's the C++ 20)

Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks! :3


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