Someone please help me understand this.

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Most of the number theory problems involving divisors etc that have intended solutions using mobious or inclusion exclusions (I-E), do not really need these buzzwords, there is almost always an easier solution using dp. We can still say its I-E, but code is sort.


Let's calculate dp[i] where dp[i] denotes no of segments which have gcd(min, max) = i. To calculate dp[i], we can first calculate the no of segments which have gcd as multiple i, this part is easy and the same as editorial.


Then subtract dp[k*i] from dp[i] where 2<=k<=n/i. These will remove all segments which have gcd multiple of i but no exactly i. At last just print dp[1].


I forgot to mention one should find these dp values in descending order.

I just don't seem to get it can someone explain it simply and in detail.

These comments were taken from
aryanc403 's twitter.

Problem in discussion is: AtCoder ABC304 F Shift table


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