Hacker Cup Shirts 2023

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Meta Hacker Cup Shirts

Hacker Cup prizes are back this year, and the shirts are back in black! The top 2000 participants in Round 2 will win a shirt. If you qualify for Round 3 and finish in the top 200, you'll win a shirt with a top-200 badge on the sleeve instead of the normal shirt.

Just like last year, T-Shirts will be able to be claimed in your Hacker Cup Profile after we have finished plagiarism checks for the Round 3. (or after we have finished plagiarism checks for Round 2 if you didn't qualify for Round 3 and have no chance of winning a top-200 shirt)

You must claim your shirt by December 15th. We will not be shipping shirts after the 15th.

Due to regulations, Meta is also not able to support prize shipments to the following countries at this time:

Country List

Shirts shipped to addresses in the United States should be delivered within 1 week of being claimed. Shirts delivered to addresses outside the United States may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.

Links to track your shipment can be found on your profile page once your shirt is shipped. Please note that you must have to claim your shirt from our vendor's website using the code in your profile. Their website looks like this:

Update: We'll release codes on your profile to all winners at the same time after we finish plagiarism checks for Round 3 on Monday, November 6th.

Update 2: Codes have been created and can be viewed on your profile.

Update 3: (November 22) Our stock for the following sizes is low. If you select one of these sizes, you will still get your shirt, but it won't be shipped until late December: XL, 3XL, Top-200 XL.


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