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hello everyone, I would be glad if you would share your opinion about my situation, I just can't decide whether I should continue to engage in competitive programming or stop doing Olympic programming. a year and a half has passed since I started doing competitive programming. last year I passed the school stage of the Republican Olympiad and could not go further to the third stage. after that, I only solved Div2A, but then I started solving other tasks from other platforms and Div2 B. I also tried different ways to study competitive programming, but since then there has been no noticeable progress (I still continue to study like this) one year has passed? and today the school stage of the republican Olympiad has passed. most likely I didn't pass this year, let alone the next stage. should I continue to do sports programming or stop doing it. I also study in the 10th grade, I have 2 two years before graduation and I also need to do a bunch of things to get into university, I myself want to continue doing Olympiad programming, but wouldn't it be a waste of time if I continue at the same pace and achieve nothing worthwhile, maybe I should try other types of programming such as development and so on. I will be very glad to receive suggestions from you, thanks!

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