2023 ICPC Vietnam Regional Contest on VNOJ

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This Friday (08th Dec, 2023) at 9am GMT+7, the 2023 ICPC Vietnam Regional Contest Mirror contest will take place. The link to the contest is: https://oj.vnoi.info/contest/icpc23_regional. The official on-site contest will start one hour earlier.

This is the third time the contest is hosted on a Vietnamese-built platform, Vietnam Online Judge. The system will require an account to join the contest, but it should be pretty straight-forward to do so (Please select the English language when you first enter the site).

On behalf of the organiser, we hope you will like the problem set as much as the effort we have put in to create it!

Update: You just need to create an account & wait for the contest to start & compete. No registration is needed. Also, there is currently no team system yet, so you can consider sharing the account for your entire team.


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