COdeforces is one of the best programming platform

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Codeforces is a popular competitive programming platform that hosts regular online programming contests and provides a community for programmers to improve their skills. It was created by Mikhail Mirzayanov and was first launched in 2009. Codeforces offers a wide range of algorithmic and data structure problems, categorized by difficulty levels, which participants can solve using various programming languages. The platform also allows users to submit their solutions and receive real-time feedback on their coding efficiency and correctness. Codeforces contests are known for their strict time limits and challenging problem sets, attracting both beginner and experienced programmers from around the world. The platform also features a rating system that ranks participants based on their contest performance, providing a competitive environment to motivate programmers to enhance their problem-solving abilities. Overall, Codeforces has become an essential resource for programmers seeking to improve their algorithmic and coding skills while engaging in friendly competition with fellow coders.

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