MathForces now has PRIZES!

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Hello Codeforces!

My team has been running MathDash (Codeforces for Math) for a few weeks now, and are introducing

MathDash Round 7 with Cash Prizes! on Tuesday Feb 27 at 7:00 PM EST (4PM PST). Register using this link!


Bronze: Winner gets $$$10 + \frac{x}{100}$$$ dollars

Silver: Winner gets $$$25 + \frac{x + y}{100}$$$ dollars

where $$$x$$$ is the total number of problems for which answers were submitted (correct or incorrect!) across all contestants in the Bronze division, and $$$y$$$ is the same for the Silver division.

In MathDash contest 6, this would have made the total prize pool **~80 dollars** — and this can increase significantly with more participation — if there are 100 participants in Bronze and Silver each, the prize pool would be **~250 dollars**

Brought to you by the creators of Breez Math Training, we have extensive experience teaching competition math (participants of the USA Math Olympiad Program) as well as participating in competitive programming competitions, and want to share our love for math with you all!

The math in competition will be similar to middle/high school math competitions, which can be quite difficult!

How do I register

Please register on the website!


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