Historical Hash Code Finals at the Competitive Programming Hall of Fame

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Hi Codeforces,

Today I've added the historical results of Google Hash Code finals to the Competitive Programming Hall of Fame website! Years 2019-2022 have been added to the newly made "Major Team Competitions" category, while 2015-2018 seasons were categorized as "Regional International Contests" because they were available only for participants from the EMEA region back then.

Here are the final standings for all the seasons: Link

Unfortunately, for years 2018 and earlier, I don't know the team members for a majority of finalist teams. So, you will help a lot if you know more about it and can send this information in the comments secontion below or here.

Last but not the least, now you have a possibility to make a donation to Competitive Programming Hall of Fame to support the project. I've created a special page for that.

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