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Hi everyone!

We organized an onsite competitive programming contest at ETH Zürich on May 11th, 2024. The contest is now uploaded to the Codeforces gym at ETH Zurich Competitive Programming Contest Spring 2024.

The onsite contest was 5h long and we recommend for you to participate in teams. In the onsite contest only one computer was allowed but participants could access the internet freely. The difficulty of the problemset is slightly easier than a regional ICPC contest but also offers a few hard problems. Difficulty range is from div2 A to div2 G.

Thanks a lot to all problem setters: BenniKartefla, Lakii, Lebossle, MihneaDAVID, OhLee, TecTrixer, ackj, adamant, alagorithmet and mango_lassi.

Additionally, a big thanks to all our testers and reviewers: Petr, Evirir, CSQ31, atakanysr, FatihSolak, qwexd, AhmetKaan, Macdu, atli164, SATSKY_2024target_IGM, SuprDewd, Tagl, Tobo, wildfire032, fried-chicken, theodor.moroianu and sischu74.

Tutorial Slides can be found here.

Congratulations to the top 5 of the onsite contest:

  1. mETHroners: GRT_2018, Meloric, paula
  2. Mr Malnars Lethal Peppers: pavkal5, DBradac, dpaleka
  3. uhh this should actually be first place, sorry, system error: AimShootReload, donentseto
  4. ML and AC: miguell, Andrei1998
  5. CrispyBeef: tiagodias, jonathanplsmith, Blackphoenyx
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