ICFP Programming Contest 2024

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Hi coding enthusiasts,

I hereby like to invite you all to the ICFP Programming Contest 2024, a 72-hour online contest held from Friday 28 June 2024 at 12:00 UTC to Monday 1 July 2024 at 12:00 UTC! The ICFPC is an open online programming contest, and no advance registration or entry fee is required. Contestants are free to organize themselves into teams of any size. Any programming language(s) on any platform(s) may be used. Have a look at the website for more information, and join our Discord for questions and contact with other contestants.

The ICFPC is a yearly contest, and usually consists of some optimization task. Because the F in ICFP stands for 'functional', there will be references to functional programming concepts, but the organisers explicitly want to make it a fun contest for everyone regardless of the choice of programming language, and no knowledge of functional programming is required for participation. The prize is that the organizers make some statements about the programming languages used by the winners, so this is a great opportunity to show the strength of your favorite language!

To get a more concrete idea on the exact type of tasks, we added some pointers on the task page. The organising team is super excited about the task we've prepared for you this year, and we hope to see many of you on the scoreboard next month!

Cheers, jthread

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