Codezilla Round #1

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Hello Codeforces !

Recently I've been busy with writing a Persian online judge. Result of my works is Codezilla. I'd like to thank matrix and HosseinYousefi for their helps (specially matrix).

Today I'm here to tell you that the first round is going to take place this Friday !

This contest will have 6 problems written by me(PrinceOfPersia) and duration is 3 hours. I recommend you all (Iranians) to participate in it. This is the first rated round of Codezilla.

Since Codezilla is in Persian (and problems there are in Persian), I created the group Codezilla (you can find it in "Groups" page, it's public) and I'll put all Codezilla rounds there as an English mirror that starts exactly 24 hours after the main round (for this round, it's on Saturday).

Good luck and Have fun !

UPD: Round started with 3 hours delay

UPD1: Codeforces mirror will start an August 2nd at 18:30 (Codeforces = Moscow timezone) in this group.

UPD2: Round started at 8. you can still take part.

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