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Hello, guys!

17 months ago I have made a post in my Codeforces blog inviting high-rated coders to join a secret group on Facebook. The link to the post is here. Sad news is that it is currently totally inactive as many members of the group are probably too busy with their careers... However, it can be seen that many of you need this group, because I get a lot of messages of people requesting to join the group. I apologize if I have ignored your message (I just did not have enough patience to write that the group is inactive over and over again).

In fact, I believe that we can resurrect the group, so invite all high-rated members to join! The requirement that you need to satisfy is following: currect_codeforces_rating + max_codeforces_rating + topcoder_rating >= 6000

If you don't have a topcoder account, currect_codeforces_rating + max_codeforces_rating >= 4500 (harder to satisfy).

Other requirements are similar to described in the old post:

  • You have to participate at least once per week in any contest

  • You have to be solving at least 3 types of the contests currently from this list:

    • Topcoder
    • Codeforces
    • OpenCup
    • ITMO training
    • Codechef (any type)
    • Hackerrank (any type)
    • COCI
    • USACO
    • ZOJ contests
    • SPOJ contests

If you want to join the described group — please write to me privately on Codeforces. Show me that you satisfy all the requirements and provide me with your email address (to send the invitation to the group to).

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