2015 ACM ICPC Asia Singapore Regional

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Hi all Codeforces members,

I would like to invite you to participate in the online mirror of 2015 ACM ICPC Asia Singapore Regional. It will be available on Kattis. The online mirror will start (and end) 15 minutes later than the original contest. The problems are interesting! :) Thanks Kattis team for supporting this event.

Meanwhile, we will provide the live commentary for the onsite contest. I will broadcast the detail and the URL of the scoreboard later. Stay tuned! :)


The public scoreboard will be available on https://asiasg15.kattis.com/standings. It will start tomorrow on 9AM SGT (1AM UTC).

Guess what? We will also provide live stream commentary on Youtube! (yeay, it's like World Finals). The live stream will be available on https://www.youtube.com/user/jonathanirvings/live one hour after the contest starts (10AM SGT), discussing mainly problem discussions, contest scoreboard, and a lot of other things. We will also provide commentary text on twitter using @NUSComputing account and ‪#‎icpcsg‬ hashtag.


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