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Revision en1, by jonathanirvings, 2015-12-07 19:14:36

I don't know whether it is only for me, but I have an issue with Codeforces Blog.

When you want to edit your blog, at the (almost) end of the page, there are 4 buttons : "Post", "Discard", "Save draft", "Preview". The rest of the buttons seems trivial, but I have an issue with the "Discard" button.

The "discard" button looks like "discard the edit" for me, which means "my edit will be discarded, thus everything that I type will be ignored and my blog will stay as before". However, that's not the case. The "discard" button here actually means "delete the blog".

I have accidentally deleted two blogs because of this issue. But I don't know, is it only me?


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