Commandline tool for polygon

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Everyone on this site heard about problem preparing tool, maintained by MikeMirzayanov called polygon.

It have a lot of advantages, like automatic checks of everything you can imagine. But also, it have several very annoying things. The main one for me is necessity of synchronizing solutions and generators files by hand, between polygon and your local copy. So I had written a tool, which can do it.

Tool is published on github, with instructions how to install it. You are welcome with any new features/suggestions (I'm not knowing python very well, to be honest).

Known problems:

  • Not tested good enough, probably buggy
  • Installation script working strange. Anyone knowing python better? Any better ways to distribute?
  • Sometimes lost of session is not detected and script fails with strange non-readable errors. relogin helps
  • Parsing html pages can be not stable enough with changing polygon. Waiting for better api from MikeMirzayanov and codeforces team.
Tags polygon, python, command-line


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