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Looking through recent actions, I caught up blogs with top 100 and top 228 comments. So, I decided to do the table, which will contain all the same info as blogs have, but which will be updating. The result is here : click
On page with comments there are comments, which has absolute value more then MAGICCOMMENTS(now it is 75). It should be updating one per 6 hours (server looks through recent action every half-hour and every 6 hours parses these blogs for rating of new or updated comments
On page with users there is sum of votes for all comments of user, if absolute value is more than MAGICUSERS(now it is 500). This page will be refreshing too rare only by hand by scanning all posts and comments again
(Votes for blogs aren't taken into consideration)

I'll be glad to here some criticism/comments/advice!

PS. Please, if you see any mistake in translation, PM me :)

UPD0: In first release I occasionally parsed only english comments, now all information should be relevant. Soon, there will be page will votes for posts.

UPD1: I've rewritten my code little more than comletely(even switched from python to java :) ), and now there is full statistics on blogs, comments and users (updated by mentioned algo). Only restrict on absolute value is on comments because of their count. Also I did some nice features for more convenient usage

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