AC gives TLE?

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On the problem Messenger the judge says I got TLE on test case #42. However, it also says Participant's Output: 0 (which is the correct answer — I checked other people's submissions for the problem). The only output I have is followed on the next line by return 0. In addition, I am fairly certain I am using a linear time solution for this problem (Z Algorithm), which should run in time. Why is this happening? My program terminates immediately after printing the answer, so it should be almost impossible for me to get TLE if I output the correct answer. I thought it might be because I printed AC at exactly 2000ms, so I submitted this program twice to check — both times I got AC and TLE on test case 42. Is this a bug with the grading system?

The only difference between the submissions is a commented out line: Submission 1 Submission 2

Thanks for the help


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