Codeforces: Extra Registration on Rounds

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Now it became much unlikely to skip a round due to carelessness during the registration. In the coming rounds (in experimental mode) we will add new feature extra registration (it is good terminology? additional registration?).

This means that after the period of regular registration (as usual, 5 minutes before the start of a round it will be closed) there will be another additional period of registration. It will start in 10 minutes after the start of the round with duration of 20 minutes, that is, it will close after 30 minutes from the start of the round.

The role of the 10 minutes is twofold:

  • on the one hand it is quite possible to solve the easiest problem in the first 10 minutes — so it makes a motivation to register on time,
  • on the other hand the system is loaded much during the first minutes of a round, as a registration invalidates some internal caches it is better to open extra registration after 10 minutes.

When registering during the extra time a participant is automatically assigned to a random room (among suitable for its role).

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