NoTeaSea-A — a cellular automaton game

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Hi, folks!

Recently I've accidentally wrote an online multiplayer game, which I call NoTeaSea-A.

As you may know there is the Conway's Game of Life. Even though it is called "game", you can't really play it :) so I decided to create a real cellular automaton game, which you can play. Screenshot:

screenshot of the game

Unfortunately, since it is a multiplayer game, I can't play it on my own and even can't check that it is interesting :)

Therefore, I would like to hear what you think.

There is a simple tutorial with videos. The game itself is here.

P.S. it was an exercise in Python and Javascript. The Python part went well, but JS was quite tricky, so JS code may have rather unusual style...

UPD: now you can play without keyboard, so it may be possible to play on tablets, however, I haven't checked.


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