IOI 2016 review

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Official result of IOI 2016 has been published here:

The closing ceremony of IOI will start on 16:00 MSK. Online stream is available here:

Hey guys!

Hello all IOI 2016 participants!

IOI 2016 has eventually started. It's my big sadness that I can not take part in IOI this year. I am too old to do that :((

How is everything now in Kazan? I guess that Russian girls are all cute and beautiful, right? Can you share with me your feelings, funny stories and photos inside this post? I really want to hear from you, even when I feel jealous with you.

Anyway, congratulations for being here. You are all the best. Wish you sweet, amazing and memorable moments at IOI. Best luck in the contest and hope you will get high ratings. (just kidding :D)

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