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TCO2016 Online Wildcard round on Sept 10

Revision en2, by cgy4ever, 2016-09-10 22:20:20

Hello there,

TCO2016 Online Wildcard round will start at 12:00 noon on Sept 10 EDT:

  • If you got top 10 in one of the 4 onsite regionals (and you haven't advanced to TCO onsite finals yet), then this is your last chance — top 2 will advance to onsite finals!
  • For other people, you can participate in the parallel round, it will be rated. This is open for both division, but the difficulty will be at least as hard as Div1 in SRM.

Welcome to participate and hope you can enjoy it!

Update: jqdai0815 and tourist are top 2 and will advance to onsite finals, congratulations!


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