ACM ICPC 2016 Brazil Sub-Regionals

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Today the ACM ICPC 2016 Brazil Sub-Regionals contest was held, featuring 12 problems and having more than 600 teams trying to advance to the Latin America Regional Finals that will happen in November. I created this thread so we can talk about the problems in the contest. The problems can be viewed in this link (Portuguese):

A — Simple ad-hoc

B — Dynamic programming on DAG, binary search, square root decomposition

C — Shortest Paths Modelling (i have a tutorial on this:

D — Simple maths

E — DP over subsets (bitmask dp)

F — Graphs

G — Range Sum Query 2D

H — Simple palindrome check

I — Greedy algorithm

J — Sweep line

K — DP, geometry

L — DFS to check connected components

My team solved 7 problems (A,C,D,G,H,I,L), we also tried to solve B and J but failed. Btw we have advanced to the regional finals! :D


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