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Hi all,

While practicing I always have difficulty choosing which problems to solve next. So, I coded a site to look at the user's submissions so far and recommend what all problems to solve next. Since the ICPC season is at peak now, it can also analyze multiple users and recommend practice problem for the whole team.

View the site here: Code drills.

So far, it only supports cf (EDIT: Now also supports codechef and spoj). I plan to add support for other sites later. Besides recommending, it will also show some statistics of your submissions so far. If you scroll down after entering your handle, you can view the practice recommendation. I will explain some of them here:

ICPC: Best to use this with team i.e. enter all your teammates' handles too. It will try to select problems from different topics. This and all other recommendations are based on your past submissions. So, the difficulty of the set will vary according to your past submissions (i.e if you have solved a lot of hard problems, then you will get harder problem recommendations, so tourist's easy problem will be very different from my easy problem recommendation :) )

Mini Contest: Best for individual coders. 5 problems are recommended, again based on the coders' past submission.

Daily Practice: Suggests only 2 problems — an easy and a hard. This is useful for those who don't have that much time to practice.

Warmup: 2 easy problems for solving before some contest.

Easy/Medium/Hard: 10 problems of the chosen difficulty.

Topic based: Select a topic and start solving from easy to hard problems on that topic.

This was all coded in one day, so expect some bugs :) . I will try to keep adding more features and other sites for analysis. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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