Can aybody help me with TLE..?? :(

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Hi Reader,

I just wrote the solution for this problem (710-B) in Java and I just don`t know that why i am getting a TLE verdict.. Problem link -> The real reason to worry is that my code is passing one of the tests (where value of n is 300000) but is getting a verdict of TLE where (n is equal to 299999) .. How can this be posssible ?? I have used basic inbuilt sorting algorithm in Java and then one more step of O(n) complexity . So if n is larger , time will also be larger. As it will be directly proportional to O(n) or O(nlogn).. What is the reason behing this , that time is larger in latter case?? Infact , I then solved the problem in C++ where no such unexpected activity is happening and i passed all tests ..

Please help me out with this !! This is my code -> This is my submission link ->


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