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Hello Codeforces community,

I am lookding for an online judge system for training for Vietnam National Olympiad in Informatics. The system should satisfy the following conditions:

  • It supports adding problems manually.

  • It can judge the submissions according to OI style (The number of points a submission gains is directly proportional to the number of test cases it passes).

SPOJ used to be the best choice for a long period of time. However, its limitation in the number of test cases (at most 16) makes it no longer be a perfect choice. Codeforces, as far as I know, despite allowing local training, does not provide the OI judging service.

Can you give me any advice on where I should host the judging service? Writing my own server, of course, is not my expected answer.

Thank you :D

P/s: Today is Jan 11th now. Why the Christmas theme still appears on Codeforces?

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