Competitive Programmer's Handbook — a new book on competitive programming

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Competitive Programmer's Handbook is a new book on competitive programming, written by me. The book is still in progress but almost ready, and I decided to release it now for a wider audience.

You can download the book here:

The book consists of 30 chapters and is divided into three parts. The first part discusses basic topics such as programming style, data structures and algorithm design. The second part deals with graph algorithms, and the third part introduces some more advanced techniques.

The book assumes that the reader knows the basics of programming, but no background on competitive programming is required. I think that the book is useful for future IOI participants, as the book covers most topics in the IOI syllabus.

The final version of the book will be ready later this year. The PDF version of the book will be available for free also in the future, and in addition, there will be a printed version that will cost something.

Before the final version, I will do small fixes, improve the language and add references. Of course, I appreciate all feedback on the book — you can send it to this blog or directly to me.

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