Looking for ACM-ICPC World Finals training contests

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Hello Codeforces community!

Right now, my team are training hard for ACM-ICPC World Finals 2017. It's the last World Final in my life!

However, while seeing various contests at Codeforces::Gym, I am really confused of which contests are appropriate to prepare for World Finals. Except past WF (there are few such contests), others seem to be unsuitable (regional contests, except NEERC, might be easier, while Petrozavosk Training rounds turn out to be deadly). Which kinds of contest do you use for training?

Beside that, I would like to know if there are training contests. I highly appreciate Codeforces weekly Training or NAIPC. I understand that doing virtual contests are adequate, but such contests attract more teams, therefore they reflect accurately where we are in the world!

Thank you very much and see you in World Finals!

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