Bug using global anonymous struct in GNU C++11 and GNU C++14

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I've sent submission 25136808 using a global anonymous struct with some big arrays and methods inside. The submission got RTE case 7.

Next, I send submission 25137642 only removing the struct from around the arrays and the methods, and I got AC.

Then I thought "maybe the global arrays are not being initialized to zero when they are inside the struct". So I called memset(&st,0,sizeof st); and I got RTE case 7 again: 25137670.

What's the deal with structs in Codeforces? All these 3 codes work fine I'm my notebook in test case 7.

UPD: I've just submitted the same 3 codes again, now with GNU C++14. The behavior is the same for all 3 codes.

UPD2: Now I've just submitted 25138080, only giving a name to the struct from the first submission and it got AC. So the problem is with anonymous structs??

UPD3: Seems like anonymous structs are not supported in C++ 11, after some Internet research...


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